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Passionate About Inspiring


Photo Copyright 2010 by A.P. Cairns-Amazon River, Iquitos, Peru

Sunlight Publishers is a young, up and coming indie media company that has been years in the making. It began in 2018 with a single ebook published under the name of Sunrise Publishers. We are not a traditional publishing company. We are a consulting organization that provides the self-published author with all the tools and professional help they need to successfully publish a professional book.


The company is small enough to maintain a personal touch and big enough to take on larger projects. Our authors are our gold and we treat them that way. We are not a large company, and we never intend to be large. There is no mandate, no direction, and no specific genres are the focus ... yet.

We are full of plans. Those plans resemble a great lake on a stormy day. And although we haven't figured it all out, we definitely have our interests. 


Those interests lie in books and magazines, editing, and writing. We plan to publish at least two books each year, print and digital. We plan to publish a general interest magazine that deals with well-being and holistic health issues. 


We create Ebooks and Print on Demand books for our clients. We provide specific types of editing that include developmental, structural, substantive, copy editing, and proofreading.

Our future includes the world of illustration, graphic novels, comics, and all manner of picture books.

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