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Available on Amaon worldwide

Light in the Dark by A.P. Cairns is a delightfully suspenseful anthology of flash fictions. 

Each story has an unexpected twist that gets your heart racing and your mind working through the possibilities.

Loads of fun for the soft-horror junkie.

Available only as Ebook.

Ebook created by A.P, Cairns of Sunlight Publishers.

Available on​

Campfires and Toasted Marshmallows by A.P. Cairns is another collection of flash fictions born from the author's humorous dark side. 

This book is currently in development.

Expected publication date is August 2020.

Print and Ebook.

Look for it online.

Kintsugi (working title) by A.P. Cairns is a speculative fiction set in a world were humanity has outgrown the planet's resources.


This chilling "what-if" scenario will leave you questioning your health-care professionals and yourself: Would you be capable of living in a world that no longer values human life?

Estimated availability: January 2021.

Print and Ebook.

Skinny and Me by A.P. Cairns is guaranteed to have you sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering: What comes next?


This hilarious romp with an obsessive compulsive private investigator and her most unusual side-kick is madcap and so much fun.

Estimated availability: September 2020.

Print and Ebook.

Cover Illustrations by Anu D. Misa


Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 2.29.20 PM.png

ELLA SAYS: I'M GOING TO BE AN ASTRONAUT! by Anu D. Misa is the second book of the Ella Says series and the wait was worth it.


The book's stunning illustrations and heart-felt story will surely captivate everyone: the young and the not so young.

Edited by A.P. Cairns of Sunlight Publishers

Estimated availability: April 2020.

Print and Ebook.

Story and Illustrations by Anu D. Misa

for more details visit Books by Misa

Ebook Creation

Available on Amaon worldwide

Currently available in Print and Ebok at



Recognized in Flight: A Memoir  by Maya M. Porter is the life story of an amazing woman.

Kindle ebook created by Sunlight Publishers

Estimated availability of Ebook: April 2020.

Print and Kindle (ebook).

"Born in the depth of the Great Depression, Maya has lived a complex life. She has had many careers, from housewife to sales, from counselor to naturopath, activist to politician to publisher. She has know divorce, poverty, and the death of a child, and through it all has never lost her sense of humor or her confidence in the basic goodness of the Universe. Now in her ninth decade, she still works as a freelance copyeditor in Fayetteville, Arkansas."

A Grand Night for Murder by Emily Porter Blair


Kindle ebook created by Sunlight Publishers

Estimated availability of Ebook: April 2020.

Print and Kindle (ebook).

A missing man, a ruby ring, a halter rope cut clean in two. When Leigh Wells disappears, a year-long drama unfolds for the Leeds family. Where is Leigh? Why did Joe go out so late? Why was Ike kidnapped? It all comes together in this mystery by Emily Porter Blair, who set this story in Aroostook County, Maine, where she lived and raised her family in the early 1900s.This recently discovered manuscript, brown with age, was written in the 1930s. Set just before America’s entry into WWI, this story reveals a time and place ... read more on

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