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We provide developmental editing, substantive editing, and proofreading services. Because the type and level of editing required for any document can range from involved or barely required, we require a sample of three pages of a longer text or three paragraphs of a short text. Fee estimates are determined upon evaluation of the sample: the nature and weight of the edit required such as a medium substantive edit. Contact us and let us know about your project.

Web content

Prices are based on a sliding scale that is dependant on the type of services required. Creating new Web content with imbedded SEO would be at the higher end of the scale, whereas proofreading a web page or simply checking links would be at the lower end. Contact us and together we can build an appropriate treatment plan.


Sunlight Publishers hires the most meticulous publishing professionals, artists, printers, marketers, and distributors to provide a seamless creation process: start to finish. Costs vary depending on length and type of manuscript, design challenges, print or digital or both, and number and type of edits required. If you're ready to move forward, we're ready to pave the way. Contact us to discuss your project and obtain a quote.


Whether you need new content, a ghost writer, or even marketing copy, we are ready, willing and able to make your project dreams come true. Writing basic copy is generally paid on a per hour basis, depending on the nature of the copy. Our professionals are as comfortable developing a romance novel as they are producing technical copy that requires excessive research and fact-checking. Contact us with the details of your writing requirements to obtain a quote.


Thank you for your patronage. We will be in touch soon 

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